Women's Indoor Soccer

Girls just want to kick the ball...

  • The What: It’s like outdoor soccer but inside with less running, more action, and higher scoring. What’s not to love?
  • The Who: The ladies and the lasses.
  • The When: Leagues run seven games at a time, back-to-back. Please check our schedule for upcoming leagues.
  • The Cost: All players must purchase an annual membership card for $25. Helps us keep track of everyone and includes a T-Shirt. $43.50 to $58 per person per season (includes referee fees). Teams consist of 7-15 players. Choose wisely!


Designate a captain. Have the captain set up the team on EZ Facility and place a deposit of $200. Then the rest of the team can sign up and select the team that was set up by the team captain. All players will register individually; the team fee will need to be paid in full by the first game.

Women's Indoor Soccer Details

  • Tuesdays
  • 5:45PM - 11:45PM
  • Large Field
  • $43.50to $58 Per Person

Just a field and a ball...

It's oh so simple. Just a field and a ball. Just kick it in their goal and don't let them kick it in your goal. A game so simple... yet so fun.

Join a PrimeTime Indoor soccer league today and experience the rush of indoor soccer.